Dogwood Dulcimer's Instrument Stands

instrument stands

We are Mississippi's source for high-quality, hand-crafted instrument stands. We design and build these unique stands in our Mississippi workshop!
These solid-wood stands have adjustable top and bottom cross-bars, to perfectly fit different instrument styles and sizes. The pegs and cross-bar faces are padded to protect the instrument from scratches.
There are two stand sizes available - small and large - depending on the instrument being displayed. Each stand can be ordered with or without decorative molding accents on the front and rear faces of the stand.
For our standard models, you can choose the wood type: either Poplar or Oak and the stain color: Classic Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Chestnut or Natural (no stain). Some samples of our standard woods and finishes are listed below, but we can also use a custom stain you specify, if you provide the name/color number of the stain at the time of your order.
wood samples

  1. Oak wood / Red Oak stain
  2. Poplar wood / Walnut stain
  3. Poplar wood / Red Oak stain
  4. Poplar wood / Chestnut stain
  5. Oak wood / Natural (no stain)
  6. Oak wood / Classic Oak stain

Specialty Wood Choices:

If available at the time of your order, you can choose from our speciality wood types: Walnut, Red Oak, Mahogany, Cherry or Cedar and enjoy the natural beauty of these quality woods. Below are several examples of different dulcimer stands with various speciality wood types and decorative moldings. Please call to confirm speciality wood availability.
wood samples
Click the image above to see a larger size with more detail.
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Mountain Dulcimer Stands

dulcimer stand

The larger of the two stand types is designed to fit mountain dulcimers in hour-glass or tear-drop shapes. The adjustable cross-bars ensure a perfect fit for either type, or size - standard or a smaller ginger model.
These stands also double as music stands when not holding your instrument (see below)!
This model will fit:

  • - Mountain Dulcimer (Hour-Glass)
  • - Mountain Dulcimer (Teardrop)
  • - Mountain Dulcimer (Standard or Ginger sizes)
  • - Banjo
  • - Guitar
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